Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday, done on a Thirsday ...

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Every once and a while a girl needs a little incentive.
So I decided to join in again this week,
I find it very inspiring to watch other people work, (hehe!)
so I thought I'd share some of the chores I tackled recently.

I had an endless list of things to do two weeks ago Thirsday,
but I managed to tackle them all...

1. Write a post for this blog.
2. Blog another one for the next day.
#1 and #2, well hey I managed to post something
every day for four months now, it's not always easy!
I guess it's no big deal huh?
3. Wash all the curtains in my living room.
Four floor-to-ceiling ones! AND iron them as well!
4. Iron the tablecloth and seat covers from my kitchen.
5. Vacuum the whole appartment.
6. Dust the furniture.
7. Clean all of the floors.
I've done them all and even managed to take pictures while doing so!

8. Iron my husband's trousers.
This one had to wait until the next Sunday morning, when I made his suitcase!
9. Bake a bread. Done, although I do use the "all-in-one flour" lately!
All I have to do is add some water, knead ... rise .. done!
Gives me some extra blogging time!
10. Reorganize one of my kitchen drawers.
There's a before and after in the slide show!
11. Do some shopping.
12. Prepare a meal for tonight.
I skipped the shopping and defrosted a meal out of the freezer!
Don't look at me like that, the meal was homecooked!
A little while ago that is? !!! Nothing wrong with that is there?
13. Empty the dishwasher.
It was already empty, so that one was easy!
But I filled it up again. That counts doesn't it?

Anyway, I even managed to make some yoghurt too!
And check the fridge.
I was exhausted but it was worth it,
and the next day I could take my sister
for a cup of coffee and do a little discovery tour around Antwerp!
Care to walk with us?
Click this link!
Let's go do some sight seeing in Antwerp !

Oh and don't forget to give your support
to the other players as well!