Friday, November 30, 2007

Ssssshhhh!!! Listen.... ???

Shhhhhhh ....!
Listen ....
I think I just heard an enourmous sigh!
Nablopomo 2007 is over, and we've made it!
Not quite yet, I still have to post this, but still!
It was fun doing, I am soooo glad I joined!
I really had no idea where this was going to take me ,
felt like Chistopher Colombus, when it all started!
Or Napoleon, he was from Belgium? I think?
Hahahaha, no he wasn't Belgium did not even exist!
I'm sure he had something to do with it, though?!
Yes well, .... maybe his son then??? ( Just kidding!)

I can see there are some people leaving over there?
Oh nononono, don't worry,
I don't intend to bore any you with the history of my country!
Anyway, like I said, I had a great time,
and I will be counting the days till next November!
I was never in it for the prizes, yet I feel I have already collected mine.
Practising my writing and evolving
from a very self- consious to a reasonably confident little me
in only one month!
Getting a comment like this one : "Keep writing, you seem to have grown some in your english writing, since Nov first. :) "
was also very, very precious to me!
My most beautiful prize is this brandnew blog I have created,
but especially having met some friends who visit it!
I am still working on the blogroll,
so if you're not in it yet, don't worry, I am working on it!
It would not last a week if I had nobody visiting it,
so I am very thankful for that too!

So I will keep in touch with you,
and I hope you'll visit me every once and again on this blog!
I'll try to make it worth your while!
I'll be back with some more pictures on Sunday
for my Weekly Winners entry of the week!

And if you'll excuse me now, I really have to talk to my a cat a little now!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Three sisters in London

They had not been together like sisters anymore since they were kids ...
So they took a train to London , where they had so much fun.
They laughed and they giggled,
had coffee at Nero's

and shopped till they dropped...
But they also took a trip down Memory Lane.
One of them was seven years younger,
and the eldest used to sleep in the same bed at night.
Each night they would measure out the exact middle of the bed.
Whenever one of them "crossed the line",
the other one would use an elbow or a knee to establish their territorial rights.

Anyway, I think I'm loosing the trail here on Memory Lane?
I was trying to tell you the story of he three suisters in London, was I not?
Being together again as three sisters like they used to be a long time ago
gave hem a chance to really talk to each other again.
All three of them had been through better
and through worse,
and each of them had lived their own sorrows.
You know, like most people do?
A lot had happened in their lives,
but they never had the chance to really look through each others eyes.
And in this very cosy English pub, they ordered something to eat.
And over dinner and a bottle of delicious rosé wine

they told each other about their lives.
About what happened, the why's and the why not's in life.
They talked,
they giggled,
they laughed and they cried.
Three little sisters in London ...
It was so intense ...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I finally did it .... Now what?

Here I am.
I have been thinking about this for days.
Worrying about it , hesitating.... ,
what if I do, and what if I don't?
I started blogging in English on the Nablopomopage.
It started out as a challenge, trying to find out if I could blog in another language than my own.
Post something every day, and meeting new friends who would read it, and maybe leave a comment or two.
I have met some very interesting people there, and now, at the end of November I am afraid I am going to miss them.
I want to keep in touch, post some pictures, and keep practising my writing.
Blogging is like writing a letter to your friends every day.
I'm not sure I am going to be able to post something every day like I did on Nablopomo, but I'll try to add something at least three times a week.
I am still going to add my pictures of the week in the Weekly Winners on sundays, and try to come up with something worth reading at least two or maybe three times a week. There is still a lot I need to figure out to make this an attractive page, but I'm working on it!