Monday, March 31, 2008

Fun Monday Inspiring Quotes

Hosting this week's Fun Monday is Robin, the pensieve one .
This is what she wants us to do:

Regardless of what motivated me to choose this for a theme, next week please share words that inspire and motivate you--brief or bloviatory, silly or serious, from great world leaders to last night's Comedy Central...from a Hallmark greeting card to your favorite book. Choose one, choose many; let the quotes stand on their own or tell where you first read or heard them and how they affected you. There's a lot of leeway with how this topic can be handled.

"A picture paints a thousand words" is what inspired me for this post.

Sometimes you just have to take the leap,
and build your wings on the way down.

Kobi Yamada

I can very much relate to this quote,
as I have been jumping in at the deep end more than once in my life ...

The rest of them are sayings and even clichés that inspired me.
I immediately thought of this picture when I read this one ...

"Can't tell his ass from a hole in the ground."

"An apple never falls far from the tree."

"A weed is no more than a flower in disguise"

May all your weeds be wildflowers."
And this one is my favourite ...

"Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans."

My plan is to visit the other players,
and find out what they have done with this theme.
That's what makes Mondays Fun Mondays!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weekly Winners .... Looking up

I'll take you for a walk in one of the main shopping streets of Antwerp.
Follow me ...

And instead of window shopping ...

Look up!

The ornaments on top of the houses are breathtaking.
I love the architecture.
This is the Bourla theatre in Antwerp.

Let's have a cup of coffee here, and admire that beautiful interior.

All of the walls and the doors are round ...

Did you enjoy this?
This is the end of the walk, I'll take you to your train.

This is the station in the centre of Antwerp.
The huge renovation works that went on for years and years
did not alter it's authenticity .
It has kept it's beauty.

This is my Weekly Winners for this week!
I hope you enjoyed it!
Do you want more?
Come again next week, and visit
the rest of us at the homeblog of Weekly Winners!
Join us if you feel like it! It's fun!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Photohunt High

This week's theme for Photohunt is "high".

Care to see what the other players have done with the same theme?
They are here ...

Friday, March 28, 2008

Housecleaning Blues ...

It could have been me yesterday ...

Thank God for washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers!
Anyway the job is done and the ending could have been the same.
However, it's not my grandad I'm going out with.
I'm spending a day with my sister!
See you!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thirsday Thirteen Thirteen Things on my Things to Do List

1. Write this post.
2. Blog another one for tomorrow!
3. Wash all the curtains in my living room.
4. Iron the tablecloth and seat covers from my kitchen.

5. Vacuum the whole appartment.
6. Dust the furniture.
7. Clean all of the floors.
8. Iron my husband's trousers.
9. Bake a bread.

10. Reorganize one of my kitchen drawers.
11. Do some shopping.
12. Prepare a meal for tonight.
13. Empty the dishwasher.

If I manage to do all of this today, I will be a very happy
.... very tired domestic godess! Hehehehe!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wordless Wednesday Easter Bunnies in the snow

It's that day of the week again, a day without words...
Wordless Wednesday!

I guess I'll still have to use some.

This is my Easter bunny ...

But my sister's backyard looked like this!

I am sure all of you folks upthere in certain parts of the States or Canada
might think there is nothing wrong with that last picture.
Let me tell you, to us this is very weird!

We have not had any snow all winter. None. At. All.
We had one "white day", but that was not real snow.
But instead of a white Christmas, we are having a white Easter!
That last picture was sent to me by my little sister,
they had a white carpet of snow, and the Easter Bunnies
had to hide the chocolate goodies inside people's houses!

Belgian weather, it's crazy!

Don't forget to visit the other players!
Or join us if you feel like it, it's fun!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Tackle it Tuesday, why not?
Exept ... I may have tackled this the wrong way around?
You see, my washing machine passed away last week.

She was a faithful servant for more than twenty years.

As it happens, I cleaned and organized my laundry room the week before she died.
Can you see how well organized everything is?

And now I had to take everything out again ...

And now it looks like this ...

Clean, and empty ...
But the other rooms ... My guest room now looks like this? Aaarggh!

I guess this looks even worse?
Same mess, different angle!

And my living room looks like this!
It was tidy,
and now the place is a mess!
That's me.... I think I tackled it the wrong way?

Posted 8:30 PM

The new beauty has arrived this morning
and I have reorganized the laundry/storage room.

I bought some more storage baskets.
It's much easier to clean and it saves space.
I put related items together, so it saves me a lot of time when I make a shopping list.

The box with the red top is also on wheels,
cleaning the floor will be very easy in the future.
It can be used as a table for the baskets I use for my storage.

And now ....
Drumroll please!!!tata- tatata-ri-tatààààà!!!
Isn't she gorgeous?
I'm so happy!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Fun Monday A Zillion things ...

Swampy gave us the following instructions ...

Choose a topic/theme and make an alphabetical list of words, phrases, photos...however you want to share your topic/theme.

Topics can range from pet-peeves, vacations, people who have influenced your life, jokes, favorites, philosopher's quotes/sayings, birds, flowers...anything. The sky is the limit. Your ABC list can be depicted with words, photos, illustrations... You are limited only by your imagination. Be funny. Be serious. Be creative. Be sarcastic. Be there, or be square.

And, yes, of course you may bend the rules. Just entertain us. If you can't do all TWENTY-SIX, do as many as you can. (If you have kiddos, let them join the fun and help with the list. Make it a family, brainstorming session.)

Who am I to give you guidelines for Fun Monday? I have bent broken most Fun Monday rules for over a year now, and all of you have been gracious enough to put me on your list. Here is your chance to bring it on. If you don't know the alphabet, make one up. In other words, just have fun and teach us something using your own set of A B C's.

I have picked some random things that make my life,
things I like, places I've been to, or new things I've discovered.
I hope you enjoy it ...

A is for Antwerp, where I live.

B Bruges where I was born.
"In Bruges" is a new movie about to be released,
filmed on location in this town I love so well ...
it's due in Belgium June 2008, and I can't wait to go see it!

C is for a commercial break
D for Duvel, my favourite Belgian beer.

E Easter bunnies and the bells of Rome work together in Belgium.
Do you want to know how they do that? I wrote a post on it.

F for Fun Monday
G Glad to have joined in again ...
H Heaven (is) in Belgium, well ... most of the time.
I Imagination... USE IT !

Einstein - Imagination is More Important Than Knowledge

J Jientje is my nickname... what does it mean,
and how to pronounce it? Click here*
K Keep on running, I like that song.

free music

L London ...
M Morrocco

N Normandy is a region in the North of France, where they make Camenbert
and Livarot cheese, Calvados and Cider ....
I'm very much looking forward to that photohunting trip!

O Old door ... I love all things old, but I've got "this thing" for doors.
They make me curious, they make me want to know what's behind them.

P Pictures ... Taking pictures and share them with you.

Q Quote. They make me smile.
Looking for a quote? You can find anything you want, right here ...

R Rain. We tend to get a lot of that in Belgium,
but I discovered you can still make a great picture!

S Snow? We've had none of it all winter long,
only yesterday the Easter bunnies
had to wear snowboots in some parts of the country!

T Tits. Great Tits. I made a slideshow of them.
They're rather small. They're very cute.
They're here.

U ...Um... I found one, it's here!

V "Vakantie" ..."vacances" en Français ... vacation.
means holliday. I'm looking forward to it ...

W Words, beautiful words ...
And a beautiful song by Norah Jones.. enjoy ...

free music

X Xaimont is a small community in the south of Belgium.
So, maybe if you're looking for a place to stay, it is here.

Y Tou Tube ... you can find anything there,
from hugging lions to cats playing the piano!

Z Zillion.
Usually the number of things on my "things I want to do" list of the day.

Like visiting the other players?