Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ruby Tuesday

meets ....

This is an award I received recently from my dear blog pal Lceel.
He's a man I have been secretly admiring for a long time now.
But I thought I was no match for somebody like him, he is such a good writer.
Until one day he told me he kept loosing my link.
It was only then I realized he really liked reading my blog too!
That comment made my day, I'll tell you!
Some time ago, he gave me this official award, coming from him,
to me that's a ticket to heaven, and I mean that!
There's a lot of controversy about whether or not to give awards.
He explains how he feels about that in this post.
Although I agree with him to a certain point,
I do have my own opinion on this one too.
You see, I like getting awards.
Then why would I not make somebody happy too?
It's a virtual hug, a token of appreciation, and a wonderful way
to put some people in the spotlights every once and a while.
Now, I will never listen to " only five" or "seven" or worse "just one".
I never kept that part of the bargain in the past too,
so I'll pass them on to as many times I choose to, I'm a big girl you know?

Right, don't forget to visit Lou. He deserves it.
He's a flirt to the ladies, he always answers your comments,
so it's fun to tease him a little and go back to see what his answer is to you!
He's an excellent writer, a poet and a painter as well.
He's so gifted!

Okay, ... right! Yeah yeah, I love the guy, does it show?
Here we go, on to the awards:
I'll pass this award to:
Mary the teach: she hosts Ruby Tuesday and I would not miss it for the world!
She always comes back to visit everyone, and I love her comments!

Next up is:
Jacki at moving at the speed of light.
She likes to cook, to blog, she likes shoes

and she's a beautiful woman,
Her husband who has European roots has this wonderful photography blog.
So I guess that's a two in one for the Dyrholms!

Next is for an excellent photographer, I'm dying to get to know better as well,
she recently took the plunge to her own domain, here she is,
ladies and gentleman, Jeanette Verster, let's give her some applause please!

Okay, one more, another dear friend, Leora:
Her blog is a potpourri of ideas about Highland Park;
She likes books, she does Jewish topics. She's a very artistic lady
and she blogs about good health, parsha, web design, kids, food, gardening and …
She has always something interesting for you to read!

There, there is always one more, but there is always another award too,
and this post should not become too long to keep it a pleasant read.
Pick one, visit her or him, and tell them I sent you, okay?
Yeah right, sorry Lou, I nicked that from you, okay?

On to the Rubies, because that's what most of you came here for!
Oops, I think I already "threw them in"?
Okay okay, one more, I'm in a real generous mood today ...
One more thing, you can BIG them ALL!!!
I AM generous, am I not?

Oh and um .... all pictures were taken on my recent trip to Lissabon.
I had so much fun there!

Don't forget to visit the other Ruby Tuesday players at Mary's Work of the Poet!