Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sepia Scenes The Kiss

Almost Valentine's day ...

Do you see these two doves? Boring huh?
I made a series of pictures them. Well, ... to be honest, I thought they were going to ... do "it" and I was ready to make full coverage of that event.
I stood there waiting with my camera, ... but in the end they did nothing. Duh!
And so I ended up with more than a dozen(!) rather boring pictures.
(! Hmmm, yeah I'm a very patient girl)

After all, they're just two doves up on a roof huh? Doing ... nothing?

Now this morning at breakfast I was wondering what on earth I'd have to come up with this week for my Sepia Scenes when the series with the doves crossed my mind.

So I opened my Corel Paint Shop Pro x12 and had a little fun.
I picked the cutest picture, "the kiss".
First I cropped it. Then I created a layer.
I used the time machine option for the sepia effect.
Which was nice, but I thought it looked rather plain.
Well you all know how I love to play with half sepia, so I removed the sepia from the doves with the eraser tool.
And this is the result. I uploaded the full sized picture, so you can click on it to enlarge it.

Happy Valentines Day!! Even though it's not quite Valentine's day yet!

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