Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I finally did it .... Now what?

Here I am.
I have been thinking about this for days.
Worrying about it , hesitating.... ,
what if I do, and what if I don't?
I started blogging in English on the Nablopomopage.
It started out as a challenge, trying to find out if I could blog in another language than my own.
Post something every day, and meeting new friends who would read it, and maybe leave a comment or two.
I have met some very interesting people there, and now, at the end of November I am afraid I am going to miss them.
I want to keep in touch, post some pictures, and keep practising my writing.
Blogging is like writing a letter to your friends every day.
I'm not sure I am going to be able to post something every day like I did on Nablopomo, but I'll try to add something at least three times a week.
I am still going to add my pictures of the week in the Weekly Winners on sundays, and try to come up with something worth reading at least two or maybe three times a week. There is still a lot I need to figure out to make this an attractive page, but I'm working on it!