Thursday, November 29, 2007

Three sisters in London

They had not been together like sisters anymore since they were kids ...
So they took a train to London , where they had so much fun.
They laughed and they giggled,
had coffee at Nero's

and shopped till they dropped...
But they also took a trip down Memory Lane.
One of them was seven years younger,
and the eldest used to sleep in the same bed at night.
Each night they would measure out the exact middle of the bed.
Whenever one of them "crossed the line",
the other one would use an elbow or a knee to establish their territorial rights.

Anyway, I think I'm loosing the trail here on Memory Lane?
I was trying to tell you the story of he three suisters in London, was I not?
Being together again as three sisters like they used to be a long time ago
gave hem a chance to really talk to each other again.
All three of them had been through better
and through worse,
and each of them had lived their own sorrows.
You know, like most people do?
A lot had happened in their lives,
but they never had the chance to really look through each others eyes.
And in this very cosy English pub, they ordered something to eat.
And over dinner and a bottle of delicious rosé wine

they told each other about their lives.
About what happened, the why's and the why not's in life.
They talked,
they giggled,
they laughed and they cried.
Three little sisters in London ...
It was so intense ...