Monday, September 15, 2008

Real Beauty lies in small things ...

This is a wonderful song by one of my most favourite singer/songwriters,
Mr Al Stewart. Some of you might remember his 1978 album " the Year of the Cat".
The last couple of days, I have been listening to that album,
and his careful chosen lyrics with growing attention ...

I myself was a young woman in 1978, giving birth to my daughter that same year.
Still I remained restless, where I was supposed to take life seriously,
you know ... with a baby and all that. I tried and I tried, gave it my very best.
But life decided "other-wise" Although I still question that.
I fell in love with another man, just before the baby girl turned three.
Just before she would go to school for the first time.
I never saw those heartbreaking tears she most probably must have shed.
In fact ...
I never got to see her again, until ten years later.

Heartbreaks and tears
were to be my share for the next decade to come ....

Thanks for listening to this.
I needed to share this.

This morning when I woke up, I received an award.
It came from one of my friends I admire endlessly.
It made my day.

Somehow, somebody like him, and thoughts like that
can put me on a ( much) higher level.
I want to thank him for that.
I will be back on this.
I'll share the love.

Please give me some time on this one, okay?