Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ruby Tuesday Opens the Door ...

Don't get confused.
You're in the right place.
No matter what you're looking for, Ruby Tuesday,
or ...

Opening Doors!
Opening doors is my challenge to any of you out there,
to post a picture of a door. This challenge will run all week, Saturday included.
Only ONE simple rule:
It has to be your OWN picture, not the ones Mr Google provides, okay?
You can join in any time you want, there will be a new Mr Linky every day!
So please, show me your doors!
I'll show you mine! ;-)
You can even fit it in one post with another meme if you like!
Regular readers already know I'm great at multitasking!
Now, let's get on to business, I will be opening red doors today, of course!

Being born in Bruges, one of the prettiest cities in Belgium,
I just HAVE to share a door in Bruges.
Don't ask me where it is, or what the history of this house is,
I would not know, I just happened to see it when I visited Bruges.
That's right, visited Bruges. My family lives there, but I moved to Antwerp
a long time ago. When I go to Bruges, I'm there to visit my family.
And I never get to play the tourist, and take pictures like I do anywhere else.
But when my sisters and I invited our blog friend from Rotterdam, I could!!

This is a door, I used to open weekly, when I was little.
My grandmother used to take me there, every Sunday.
It's the Church of our Lady in Meetkerke.
As you can see, this door is open.
Last time I went there was with my parents to put new plants
on my grandmothers grave. While my father was busy doing that
I sneaked into the church and made some pictures.
I did a Weekly Winners with those pictures, it's here ...

Third and last ...
This one was serendipity.
It's somewhere in the region of Antwerp, I just happened to find it ...
I saw what Melli posted this morning,
and that made me think of this ruby door.
I have readers of all kinds of beliefs on this blog,
and I want to keep it that way.
But no matter what church or temple you visit,
for whatever reason you want to get inside ,
even if you just want to take pictures ...
Melli is right, the door should always be open ...
Seeing your pictures inspires me to do the next post.
So this is really becoming one door opening into another ...

Thanks for participating, I never would have imagined
such an overwhelming response!
Let's open some more doors, shall we?

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