Friday, November 28, 2008

Photo Hunt "Metal"

This week's theme for Photo Hunt is "metal".
I saw this wrought iron frame in Crestet,
a lovely little village in the south of France.
My husband and I were taking pictures
when the owner of this house arrived and started a conversation.
He even invited us in to show us the breathtaking view from his patio.
When we came out again, I took this picture.
You see, behind that metal frame, there is a mirror glass panel
which hides their swimming pool.
They can look right through the glass from inside the pool,
while on the outside -which is near the street-
all you can see is a reflection of this beautiful view.

I have a slide show with pictures of Crestet on my computer as a screen saver.
I had almost forgotten about this picture until I saw it appear on my screen.

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