Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weekly Winners Antwerp

I promised some more pictures of Antwerp, so here we go.

If you ever visit Antwerp, you're likely to visit the cathedral ...

the Market Place ...

or end up in one of those tourist trap restaurants if you want to eat.

But I would prefer to take you to this cute place in a quiet street.

I would show you different aspects of Antwerp ...
Or interesting exhibitions, like the Elephant Parade for instance.
The Elephant Parade will be held in London next year
and (most probably) in New York the year after that.

By now the elephants are no longer there.
They will be up for auction next Thursday.

But before they were taken away, I took some more pictures.

I am going to miss them, especially this one.
One of my favourites.
Anyone care to buy him for me?

Click to enlarge this one.
This is one of the houses at the corner of the Meir.

The entrance to the city's festive hall, now turned into a shopping mall.

This is a reflection of the angel I showed in my Skywatch Friday.

and another reflection ...

One of the first skyscrapers in Antwerp, the Boeretoren.

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