Friday, November 7, 2008

Sky watch Friday Electricity

Remember the reflection of the angel in last Saturdays Photo Hunt picture?
Here she is in all her glory.
She's one of the statues you'll see on top of the houses if you visit Antwerp.
I thought she would make a great Sky Watch picture.
I'll show you more pictures of Antwerp in next Sundays Weekly Winners.

Click on this link or the Sky Watch button
to see beautiful skies from around the world.

But then I feel it move me
Like a burning deep inside
Something bursting me wide open
Impossible to hide
And suddenly I'm flying
Flying like a bird
Like Electricity, electricity
Sparks inside of me
And I'm free, I'm free

Electricity sparks inside of me
And I'm free, I'm free
Oh, I'm free

(Lyrics by Elton John.)