Sunday, February 1, 2009

Weekly Winners Art in the Streets of Leuven

We made a long photo walk in Leuven last Wednesday, and I took dozens of pictures.

Follow me ...

The town hall alone is worth the trip, look ...

It dates from the fifteenth century.

Late gothic style.
You could look at it for hours and still find new details.

Did you think time had stood still in Leuven?

It has not. There is also contemporary art .
This is " the Totem", a work by Jan Fabre.

A giant beetle on a stainless steel needle. Bizarre?
Jan Fabre often uses beetles and bugs ( even real ones) in his work.
Take a look at this work of him, it's called Heaven of Delight and it's a room at the Royal Palace, where the ceiling is covered with the shields of shiny green beetles.

This is the Balloon of Friendship by Danny Tulkens.

The sculptures inside are copies of the original ones.
They had to be replaced because some of them were damaged by vandals.
One of them even got stolen, never to be retrieved again.

This statue is at the city park and it's called "Kamerood 60" by Jan Rosseels.

This is just a tiny impression of Leuven.
There is so much more ...

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