Friday, February 6, 2009

Favourite Five, a Great Week

It's Friday again, now where did my week go?
It's time to share my five favourite events from the past week, and I'm really having a hard time picking only five again. It was a fabulous week!

1. On Saturday we went out to buy something for our daughter Patsy's birthday.
She and I both love to cook so we went to a kitchen supply store to look for a couple of kitchen gadgets. I can spend HOURS in stores like such and I always seem to find a little something I can use! I'm only allowed in very few times a year, ahum!
BUT this time I had my own gift cheque to cash in at the same time, so I COULD!!!
It was a good thing the shop closed at 4.30 pm. Too early for a Saturday I think!
Too early for me that's for sure!
Anyway, one of the items I found is a measuring cup for cups and oz, so I can finally figure out the measurements in the American recipes.

2. The next day we were invited to Patsy's for her birthday.
She has the most gorgeous kitchen and it's always a pleasure to cook a meal together there.
We had a wonderful evening cooking and eating and unpacking gifts!

3. On Tuesday I spent some time tidying up my office, and I'm quite happy with the way it looks now!

4. On Wednesday I had a date with my husband.
We wanted to explore Hoei, which is a town in the Southern ( French speaking) part of Belgium.
Needless to say I took loads of pictures, some of them on rather surprising locations.
More of that later ...
In the evening we had dinner in a gourmet restaurant.
The name of the restaurant was "Un temps pour soi".
And that's exactly what our day off meant to us, some time to ourselves.
The food was to die for. But I didn't. I took pictures of it instead ....

5. I spent all afternoon yesterday working on my lace project.
(click the link above to see all posts about lace, especially this one)
I had to really get into it, sit down for it and figure out and draw a new design.
I think I'm getting somewhere now ...

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