Monday, February 16, 2009

Fun Monday, Show your Feet

My compatriot Gattina offered to be our Fun Monday host for this week, and this is what she wants us to do:

Please show us what you wear on your feet inside your home ! Do you wear slippers, flip flops, shoes or nothing ? just take a picture and show us your feet !

Oh, I thought, that sounds easy, all I do is take a picture of my feet and I'm done!
So I signed up, and then I thought, oh no!!
What have I done? I have to show my feet! NAKED feet, eww!
And my pedicure is only due next Thursday? Ewww!
So I took a shower, (okay, I do that every day, but still, I gave them some extra care and attention. Some extra feet balm, washed my hair, put on my make up...
Now WAIT a minute, why on earth am I putting on make up to take pictures of my feet eh?

When all that was done, I took my camera to the bathroom to do a photo shoot.
And I was lying on the floor doing macro's of my flip flops when my husband walked in.
" Fun Monday" I mumbled, giggling.
"Oh" he shrugged, and walked off.
Well to be honest he HAS seen me do some silly stuff before since I'm blogging.
Remember that time I posted a picture of my bra? Yeah, right!
(yeah, go on, click the link if you haven't seen it)

Okay, well ... without further ado ...
Here's the result!

You can click on the picture to enlarge it, okay?

No big secret, I wear flip flops all year around.
I have to have naked feet when I'm in the house. I can't stand shoes or socks when I'm inside.
So each year, when we go on holiday in France, I buy some new ones.
It's part of my holiday fun!

Which ones I choose to wear depends on the mood I'm in, the hour of the day or what kind of chore I'm doing.
At the moment I'm wearing the red ones. Red ones, in honour of Valentine's day!
But they are rather noisy, so in the morning when I wake up, I prefer wearing the ones on the top right in the collage. They're very worn and rather torn, but they're very silent, just the thing you need when you get up early like I do. The ones on the bottom right are the ones I use when I clean the house. They're old ones. And the white ones are very soft, they feel nice.
And I use the black ones when I'm cooking. They're a little bit higher, I switch heights as well.

So there. Now you know.
Want to find out what other people wear?
Go on over to Gattina's and find out!