Thursday, January 22, 2009

Melli's ABC Wednesday ... on a Thursday!

Melli has made up a new ABC photo challenge. (Click on this link to learn what this is all about.)
Melli is a good humoured and fun blogger friend I met when I did Quilly's ABC. She's also the one who made us hunt dragons last Summer. Hunting dragons was fun. You have no idea how many dragons there are once you start looking for them. There are still quite a few dragons in my archives that never got published because the challenge ended too soon in my opinion. Anyhow. I'm still photographing dragons, can't resist them!
If you know Melli, you know she'll come up with something to keep us occupied sooner or later.
And she has. But it's not an easy challenge she admitted yesterday.

Now tell me something!
I started looking for an A from the very first day she announced the challenge and it drove me crazy!! If you look for a dragon, at least you know where you most likely can start looking for one, right? Although you would be amazed, look ...

A's are everywhere. Or so they say.
But they are very cleverly disguised into something else.
And when you want to find them, you just don't see them. I spent hours looking at shadows and shapes and forms and even tried to manipulate it a little, but nothing satisfactory came out of my quest.

My B on the other hand revealed itself rather quickly I must say.
I wasn't even looking, but it yelled at me. Yoohoo? Look at me? It's me.
I'm your B** for this week.
You must be kidding I said. You cannot be my B.
Still, it said. I am. I am your B**. Say whatever you want. I am your B**
I'm not going to do this I answered. Uh-uh.

And that was it. It was inauguration day, and I did not want to miss the ceremony, so I decided I was not going to join in. I had lost too much time already.
I told Quilly I did not have the right brains to do this and I got an e-mail back from her saying:

"Jientje, go out and take a photo of the eave of your house for an A, and post!"

And a little while later there was Melli's comment:
"Jientje - as I told Dr. John... I think you should PLAY the Alphabet Challenge anyway - and just put the ones you find. I am almost CERTAIN that even I am not going to find EVERY letter! Some of them are just too hard! But I'm going to TRY! That's the challenge... I know it's gonna kill you to NOT do this! LOL!

Okay, I said to myself. I'll take my camera with me on the way to the supermarket and try again. It won't kill me if I do. I'll just do what Quilly advised me to do and I'll be okay.
But that did not work. None of the houses had a roof I could pass as an A. Not even remotely!

But when I arrived at the supermarket ... there it was!! My A!! Tadàààà!
I had my point and shoot with me, and when I finished my shopping I tried to take a picture.
But the camera behaved rather strangely, it would not go off.
I tried again, and looked at the dial. That's when I saw I was probably filming this!
So I stood there fiddling with that camera, for the third time trying to take a picture of that stupid A, when this man entering the supermarket turned around and gave me a very strange look above the rim of his spectacles! Oh yes, by then I was getting even more embarrassed and

Can any of you imagine what kind of conversation would have enfolded if that man had asked me what I was doing there?
"Um ... I ... I was taking a picture sir? "
"A picture of what, lady?"
"Of an A".
"An A"?
"Yes, I need an A for Melli"!
"Melli? Who is Melli?"
"Melli is my friend and she lives in the US and she wants a picture of an A. And not just an A, she wants the whole damn alphabet!"

Don't you think there would have been a slight possibility they would have asked for the men in white coats to come and fetch me? Huh?
Anyhow ...
Here is the video I accidentally made...

And ... drumrolls please ..... Here's my A!!!

She's perfect, isn't she?

And because I know that he who says A must say B ...
My B!
Well, it IS a B, right?