Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Photo a Day #2 Hyacinths on my Kitchen Table

A photo a day 2009.
It's a new photo challenge to take one picture a day and post it on your blog.
That means playing with my camera each and every day to get to know it better.
By taking that challenge I will be able to follow my own progress.
It will document the little moments in each day of the year 2009, which is fun too.
I might have thought it would be easy when I signed up.
But nothing worth while ever comes easy, does it?
It took me quite some time (and a gazillion pictures) to get the one picture I am pleased with.
When the composition was right it was not sharp enough, or the depth of field was wrong...

Anyway, here it is my picture for today.
Two little hyacinths I keep on my kitchen table, I got them as gifts from local shops.
The one from the flower shop had a cute little calendar with it, the pink one we got at the supermarket. I think it might be interesting to document the different stages of bloom as well.
If I don't murder them in some cruel way that is ...