Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday's Fave Five ... um ... Fave Six!

Friday's Fave Five is an open invitation to share favourite things from the past week.
I like that idea. There are so many nice things in our lives, but sometimes we tend to overlook them, or forget all about them. I'm used to taking lots and lots of pictures each day to document my daily life but sometimes even those fade into oblivion ...

Counting last week's blessings, I discovered that there were many more than five things that made my week. And that I did not get pictures of all of them?

My daughter came over after work last Friday. A glass of wine, a real old fashioned comfort food meal I cooked for her and a looooooooooooooong conversation over two pots of tea ...
THAT was the REAL highlight of the week!

The next morning I woke up to a beautiful sunshiny morning. Instant energy!
It was cold, but that bright sun inspired me to go outside and do some gardening on my patio.
I had to line my gardening gloves with woollen ones, but it felt great to be outside and tidy things up a little.

And while I was busy gardening, I was looking for the first signs of Spring.
That's me ... can't wait for Winter to be over, first signs of Spring always make my heart jump ...

And then one evening while I was blogging I looked outside and I saw the most amazing pink sunset. I hurried outside with my camera to capture it. For a brief moment there, I thought I was in Tasmania, my friend Kim seems to capture sunsets like this each week!
The next morning there was this equally stunning pink sunrise ...

Oh yes, in case you're wondering, I put the sunset pictures at the top of this collage and the bottom ones are from the next morning!

Blood oranges are in season right now, and they always seem like a special treat to me.
A memory from my childhood perhaps?
My father used to shape them like cupcakes when I was little, and so did I.
Somehow they seem to taste much better this way ...

And then last Wednesday I had a wonderful day out in Leuven with my hubs.
The weather gods were cooperating, we made a long long walk, and I took loads of pictures of this beautiful town ...

So there, my fave five , fave six to be exact!

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