Friday, January 9, 2009

Looking through my eyes

A sweet little voice was whispering in my ear when I woke up.
I turned my head, and there she was, sitting on my left* shoulder.

(*I'm left handed and left footed, would that not make me left shouldered too?)

The cutest little angel I had ever seen smiled at me.
"Good morning" she said. "Did you sleep well?"
"I think you really need to chase some dust bunnies today" she whispered.
"I know" I replied, "I know"...
"But first I really NEED to get a haircut.
And when I get back we can chase those bunnies together, right?"

She was waiting for me when I got back.
But I wanted to check my blog first, so I promised her I'd be right back.
A little while later I looked up from my keyboard and that's when I saw the magic.
It was a bright sunshiny day. A clear blue sky.
I saw a little robin on the feeder. First time I saw him this winter!
I grabbed my camera and snapped a picture from behind the window.

And then I saw little ice drops, glistening in the morning sun.
It would be so perfect for my picture of today.

By then it was noon, and the sun was shining bright as bright can be.
The sky was cloudless and the snow was still there.
I knew this was too good to let go.
"I can clean the house any time", I said to the little angel, "Look, I mean LOOK? Try looking through my eyes little angel? I'm going out to take some pictures in the snow, it's now or never. After all, I live in Belgium, remember?"

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When I came home I looked at the stains on the floor caused by the melting snow.
I congratulated myself on not having wasted any time cleaning floors.
I caught the disappointed look in the eyes of the angel, and I felt guilty.
The dust bunnies were still there and I had cleaned no floors or kitchen cabinets.
I filled the sink with hot water and got right at it.
And then I looked outside - only for the briefest moment- and that's when I saw a big black bird on the feeder. I HAD to grab my camera.

But before I could continue my cleaning, I just had to know how the pictures had come out ...

When I returned to the kitchen the sun was already setting, and there was such a pretty light.
I saw the shadow of my olive oil bottles on the wall.
"Look! This is such a perfect setting for a hyacinth picture" I said to my angel.
"I'd better hurry before that golden light is gone again. Photography is all about taking the opportunities that present themselves, did you know that? "
The little angel shrugged and disappeared.
I played around with the bottles to make the shadow look even better.
Took some pictures of the hyacinths.

And some of the shadow while I was at it.

And some of the shadow with a bottle next to it ...
And another one ...

And when the light was gone we could at last attend to the chores that needed so badly to be done ...

Those are my pictures for the day, and the story of just an ordinary day in my life...
Seen thru my eyes. Click here if you want to see more daily pictures.

Oh and um ... next time I'm whining about where my day has gone to, I think I should remember to read this post again ...