Thursday, January 8, 2009

" Contrasts" Window Shopping for Sepia Scenes

Last Summer I was out on a photo walk in Antwerp, looking for some neat reflections.
I was "window shopping" on the Meir which is the main shopping street, when I saw this.
I thought it would be interesting to see the old house from across the street reflected in this shop window. The original antique (woodwork? I'm not sure? ) garlands incorporated into the modern architecture of this building also caught my attention. It took me a while to find the right angle and "frame" the house into the reflection on the window. I did not want any disturbing reflections of people other than the ones across the street. That is quite a challenge in a busy shopping street, but I was rather pleased with this one.

Using just a lit of bit of colour in a sepia is an idea that appeals to me a lot, and when I saw this picture, I wondered what it would look like if I turned it into sepia keeping only the reflection in the window in full colour.

So I played with it a little, and here is the final result ....
What do you think?
Which one do you prefer?

I used my Corel Paint Shop Pro x 12.
I duplicated my original, and used it as a background.
Then I turned the duplicated one into sepia, and then removed the sepia part with the reflection using an eraser tool.
The same technique I used on my "Christmas house" picture, remember?
So here it is folks, my sepia for this week.
Click on the banner or here to see more Sepia Scenes.

I would have posted this earlier, *whining* but Mr Blogger did not let me upload my pictures!

There, that said, over to the next topic, my picture of the day.
I'm still the one co-player in this challenge I think but I won't give up.
A picture a day is what I'm aiming for and I think it's fun. Time consuming, but fun.
I'll tell you more stories about that in tomorrow's post.
Anyway, today's picture was taken on Tuesday, I took loads of pictures on Tuesday and it would be a pity wasting them just because it's Thursday today!! Oops, am I bending the rules now?
I hope not. I had too much fun shopping and chatting and cooking with my daughter yesterday to worry about pictures much, I hope you'll forgive me?
At least I'm honest, right?
So here we go ...

Now how did that come about?
I'll tell you all about it tomorrow!

Oh yes, one more thing. The daily picture photo challenge hosted by Gail has a new name.
It's now called "Thru my Eyes 2009" Gail and I are having so much fun, why don't you join us?