Thursday, December 25, 2008

When Sepia Scenes meets Ruby Tuesday

When Sepia Scenes meets Ruby Tuesday...
From the very beginning I have had fun with both photo meme's.
What I love the most is how Mary points out new photo shop techniques each week.
By doing so, she challenges us to try new things.
Now, some time ago Robin had a unique sepia of a twig with a drop of water in full colour
on her blog.
That inspired and intrigued me, and this morning I spent a couple of hours (!) trying to figure out how to get that kind of effect.

There, I think I did it...
You can click on it to enlarge it for better detail.
Now how did I do that?

I used Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo x12.
I copied the original picture, and worked on the copy.
I used the "time machine" option to get the sepia effect.
And then removed the sepia with the background eraser tool which made the reds appear again.
I saved the image and cropped it a little with Picture manager.
And then I used Photo Scape to frame and sign it.

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Merry Christmas everyone!