Sunday, December 28, 2008

Weekly Winners, It's all about Christmas this Week ...

This week's favourite pictures are all about Christmas of course.
I was very late to put up my tree, I finally got around to it last Sunday!

Murphy was here ...

Fun with the camera, Picasso style.
Julie taught me this little trick.
She calls it camera tossing, but there's really no tossing involved!
Click on the link and let her tell you how to do this!

My Boyds Bears nativity scene.

Everything was there, we were all ready for it.
But first ....

a glass of champagne ...
Lilacspecs asked me about the food, so I'll tell you what we had...

Cannelloni of swordfish and guacamole in the little glass, both with North Sea shrimps.

Smoked eel with leeks and pink pepper and salmon tartare.

Carpaccio of scallops with marinated fennel and Salicornia with a rosemary and fig mustard dressing. ( Salicornia is also known as pickleweed, march samphire or glasswort, I did a little bit of research!)

Salsify soup with croutons with walnut pesto.

I'll probably get executed over this, but this is foie gras.
With gingerbread and baked apples, and the spoon contains black pasta, tiny cubes of foie gras and Parma ham, perfumed with some truffle oil.

Main course was a poussin stuffed like a turkey, with morels.
The pink mushrooms on the right side are baby potatoes.
I'll show you how to do this in next Tuesday's Ruby Tuesday, okay?

Oh and dessert?
We forgot dessert!

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