Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sepia Scenes Sinterklaas

Do you remember the story of Sinterklaas I posted last Tuesday for Ruby Tuesday?
If you haven't read it yet, click this link and take a look. I'll wait!

Tuesdays post had my daughter in it, and this is me, age four.
I have tears in my eyes because I was scared to death of Sinterklaas.
I'll tell you what happened.
It was custom when I was little that Sinterklaas visited the homes
of the little ones in the street where I lived.
But Sinterklaas had been offered a drink in each of the neighbouring houses
and by the time he got to our house that man was drunk.
And so were his two assistants.

Sinterklaas asked if I had been good and my mother replied
that I did not always want to eat my soup. I hated soup when I was a kid.
There were two "Zwarte Pieten" (his black assistants)
and one of them threatened to wrap me in a newspaper,
tickle and tug at my toes when I was in bed at night
if I did not change my ways and eat my soup.
Now this may sound funny to a grown up, it scared the hell out of me.
I remember waking up screaming and having terrible nightmares after that.

Now this is not the drunk Sinterklaas, this picture was taken at a local store.
This Sinterklaas was very gentle, but as you can see ... I was terrified!

This picture is an original sepia.
I scanned it, and framed it with Photo Scape.

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