Thursday, January 1, 2009

Watching the Fireworks ...

New Year's Eve.
The countdown is finished.
Where I live everybody comes out on the street to watch the fireworks.
We've been living here for twelve years now and I missed it only once.
And I remember looking at my watch that night, counting the hours, minutes and seconds till midnight. The feeling of being lost. I felt miserable, I was recovering from the flue and all I wanted was to go home.
We've never gone out again since then.
We happily stay home, watch a variety show on French television,(duh!) and have something nice to eat. We have one more glass of champagne.
We unwrap the gifts we had wrapped the night before.
And watch the fireworks at midnight. (I even thought about making a video this time.)

And then the next day, while I'm doing the dishes, I think of the year that has gone by.
I think of my family, and of my friends.
I count my blessings.
And I'm very happy life is getting back to normal ...
I must be getting old?

Happy New Year everyone!!