Monday, January 19, 2009

Fun Monday Come on in...

This week's host for Fun Monday is Julie, and this is what she wants us to do:

I have decided to put a twist on the traditional Fun Monday. Instead of standing in your front door and taking a photo of what you see outside, let's turn around and take on of the inside. Maybe that will prompt some of us to pick up a tad (you know who you are). :)

Okay, come on in!
I'll give you the grand tour ...
You can click on any of the pictures to enlarge them a little bit more, okay?

I live on the first floor, you need to climb a spiral staircase first.
I haven't photographed that one because it looks rather boring, and it's in urgent need of a good cleaning. Melting snow and snow boots have left there traces, I'm afraid.
This is what you see when I open my door for you.

My welcome moose is still on the door.
I've become rather fond of him and the winter is not finished yet.
I'll let him stay a little while longer. The chair with the wreath is outside.
That chair was put there years ago because of our upstairs neighbour.
He had lung cancer and desperately needed a place to rest halfway climbing those awful stairs all the way to the second floor.
Unfortunately the man died many years ago, but the chair is still there.
Inside is my old sewing machine, a place where we usually put our keys and stuff.
The door on the left is the door of my living room.

So there ...
This is my living room. And yes, my Christmas tree is still up!
The only thing I dislike about it is that there is only one big window in the front,
and the other one is at the other side in my kitchen.
This area tends to be rather dark sometimes, especially with gloomy weather like today.

If you walk past the dining room table to the back, that's where my kitchen is.
It's an open kitchen, and I like that. I can still talk to my guests and see them while I'm cooking.
The kitchen has more light because it's close to the window of my patio.
It's the heart of the house really. When I'm not blogging, I can most likely be found there.
It's also the place where I have coffee with my friends or family visiting as well.

And while I'm at it, I might as well show you the rest.
(Well most of it, I skipped the bedroom and the guest room)
On the left you see my blogging space in the study, and on the right my bathroom.

There. I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my world.
You were more than welcome.

Most of the pictures for this post were all taken today.
That's part of a photo challenge called "Thru my eyes"
I share with my partner in.... um ... no, not crime ... photography and blogger friend Gail.
We have challenged ourselves to try and use that camera every day to get to know it better.