Friday, January 2, 2009

A Photo a Day and a Review.

I stumbled across a neat idea for a post when I was catching up on my reading yesterday.
Well, actually there were two but I'll tell you more about the second one after this, okay?
I'll start with what I found on Willow's cottage.
She posted a review of the year using one picture a season.
Like the four seasons? I thought this was very inspiring.

My review will go back to when I first started taking pictures, which was Autumn 2007, through to Summer 2008. All of these pictures were taken with my previous camera, a Canon Powershot S45. I nicked it from my husband and took my first steps into Photography with it.
I discovered my camera AND myself along the way.
The encouragement I got from my readers made me try harder each week...

So here comes my review.

This was taken on one of the very first photowalks I made with my husband.
I had joined Nablopomo, and needed pictures for my very first photo meme, Weekly Winners.
Up until then I had always hated Autumn, this was the first time I discovered the beauty of it.

I hated Autumn, and Winter even more.
I would never have gone out on a cold Winter's day before if it had not been for the love of photography that became more important each week.
I was only just discovering my camera and had found new ways of looking at the world through pictures. I had seen lovely reflections on other people's blogs and started looking for them myself.

Ooooo, I love Spring. Spring has got to have a picture of the breeding Great Tits on my patio.
( Does that sound funny? )
This is one of the first times I could capture one as he/she flies to the nest.

My favourite season. I had only recently discovered the macro function on my camera.
While on holiday in Provence, I practised a lot and this was one of my first successes.

Those were my first steps. After that I visited London in August, and that's when my beloved little camera died on me. Well, it turned out it did not really die, it just passed into a coma!
That was terrible, but my husband bought me a new one.
The small one still works after all, and I still use it (in the kitchen) every now and again.
I plan on doing another review, maybe next week or so.
I will then use pictures taken with the new camera.

Next up is a new meme Gail will be hosting called a photo a day 2009.
The idea is to post a picture a day, a great challenge to master your camera AND make some sort of a calender with images of the little and the big moments in your life.
I really like that idea.
So this is my first picture.
Yeah I know. It's FOOD! AGAIN!!
It was a chocolate heart, it tasted delicious and it was worth remembering.
The picture isn't. Nah. Not really, but hey?
I'll try better tomorrow?
Isn't that what this meme is all about?