Saturday, January 24, 2009

Things I Want to Do Today ... + UPDATE

There is a promise for a bright sunny day in the sky today.
The kind of day that makes my energy flow.
A day like that makes me yearn for Spring.
I think I might be in the mood for a little bit of Spring cleaning on my patio.
Clean the windows, get rid of dead plants and dry remnants.
I know it's probably much too early, but maybe I could go to the market and see if I can find some flowering plants?
Winter Violets or Hyacinths or something, ... ANYthing!
A little splash of colour to brighten up this depressing view from my kitchen window?
I want Spring!!!
And I want it now!

We'll see ...
Maybe I'll update with a picture later today.
But this is how it looks now, and I've had enough of it!
I'm off to get some work done!


I know you'll think I have all my priorities wrong. While my Christmas tree is still up inside, I have this urgent need to create a little "welcome-to-Spring" look outside.
It's the end of January, I know, but I could not resist.
I can take my tree down any time next week I guess.
The sun and the crisp fresh air tempted me to get outside and clean up the Winter muck, leaves and dead plants cluttering my patio.
The sunshine did not last, but it lasted long enough to get the job done.
Mind you, it was cold. I had to wear woollen gloves underneath my garden gloves, long john's and a body warmer, but I could not care less.
I'm tired and my back aches but I'm glad I saw it through.
It's clean and tidy again and the Primula's I bought add just enough colour to create an illusion of Spring in January ...