Tuesday, January 20, 2009

History Seen Thru my Eyes

History was written yesterday, and I was watching it happen.

While he was being sworn in his wife Mishelle was right there with him.
And I do mean WITH him.
She never took her eyes off him.
The third picture shows the little word struggle he had there
- only for the briefest moment-
At precisely that same moment the look on her face became so similar to his,
as she wanted to try and help him. As if she reflected him.
Stand by your man ...

Don't you just love how his daughter was taking pictures with her own digital camera?
I did!

Even though I could not really be there in the flesh,
I saw it ... Thru my Eyes.
I did not google these pictures, or steal them from the net.
I took them with my own camera straight from the television screen as I was watching CNN.