Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday's Fave Five Week Three

It's Friday again, time to look back at the week that has passed and pick five favourite moments.
It was kind of a lame week, there was not much going on, in fact I was stuck inside the house all week. But even when you don't go out, there is still a lot to enjoy, so here we go.
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Today I'm sharing some of my favourite morning routines, okay?

1. Getting up early. The anticipation of the new day before me. Today I'm especially looking forward to see my daughter. She's coming for supper tonight and I'm going to spoil her with a delicious meal. It'll be great.

2. Checking emails FIRST thing in the morning.
Because of the time difference between me here in Europe and you people out there in the rest of the world, a lot of comments on my blog come in while I'm asleep.
So first thing I do, is to switch on my computer and look for my emails.

3. That first cup of coffee in the morning. After checking emails I return to the kitchen.
By now, the whole kitchen smells of fresh coffee. Even my cat loves that smell.

4. My purring cat on my lap while I'm having my morning coffee. She KNOWS she can sit with me for a while, so as soon as the coffee machine makes that distinct spluttering rattling noise, she starts meowing, urging me to sit down so she can sit on my lap.

5. Reading my paper. I haven't got time to read the whole paper, but quickly browsing through it and read a couple of headlines is also a favourite part of my morning routine.

So there ...
My fave Five for this week!
I'm very anxious to see what the others have posted!
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