Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Melli's ABC in Pictures, G and H

Wednesday today, time for Melli's ABC photo challenge.
The idea is to find the letters of the ABC, but they can't be real ones, they have to be disguised. Now I have to include a little warning here, this is not an easy challenge.

At the end of an exhausting day, desperately trying to find them- looking at all kinds of shapes and forms and shadows and what not- you'll find that your brains feel like they have been boiled.
Or fried. It's torture! Pure torture, but I'm doing it for Melli. An act of love for Melli, right?

This week we do H and G.
H would be no real problem, but will I be able to come up with a G?
To G or not to G, that's the question!!

Let's find out, shall we?

I looked everywhere.
The pub at the corner of my street. That was my first one.

In church ...

In shopping streets ...

I even went through the trouble of doing a photo shoot in an old factory.

And another old factory!

There ... Do you think that will do?

At the Chinese restaurant I even found both!
As for G ...

This is one from my archives ...

You won't believe where I found this one!
At a cemetery in the snow!

A detail of a church door.

And last ... but certainly not least, my pièce de résistance ...
I give you .... g!!

What do you think?
Looks like I've done it!