Friday, January 11, 2008

How to make lace

If you have visited Christine's blog ( you should, you know?) you probably will have seen the You Tube video with the lady making lace.
Christine told me she saw a documentary on Belgium and she had seen ladies making lace!
I told her I could do that too.
As it happens I had uploaded the almost same video, and saved it as draft.
I planned on doing a post on it, only ... when I visited Christine's blog yesterday I noticed I was already too late! There is no such thing as coincidence, I don't believe that!
I think it's telepathy, but anyway ... here is mine!

You know if you are born in Bruges, you should at least know something about the art of making lace.
I'll never forget my first husband's mother. She really was a wizzard at it, and I wanted to master it too. So I talked her into teaching me ...

I have practised that hobby for many years.
But the art of making lace is a not exlusive to Bruges.
When I had moved to Antwerp I took classes for a few years.
It probably looks nerve wrecking, but it really isn't.
Keeping your mind on your hands and on the bobbins keeps your head clear!
No time to think about anything else but this.
I would do it again if only I had the time, but it is very time consuming... and so is blogging!
If I could find a way to put three times as much time into one day I would, believe me!
There are many classic designs and techniques but what attracted me the most was the modern interpretation of bobbin lace, and I did that as well.
These are some of the modern objects I made for an exhibition ...

The first one is two square pieces, one being the shadow of the other one.
The shadow is made in black thread, the one in front of it is made in metallic threads.
They are mounted between glass, and in front of a mirror, so they keep reflecting one another.
The second one was a ball with a three dimensional triangle inside, very tricky to do that one!

And then finally some jewelry I made ...