Thursday, January 17, 2008

My muze has left me

I am feeling totally and utterly uninspired.
My muze has left me.
She would not help me, even when I begged her, she just would not send me the right words.
She made me feel desperate, I tried reading other people's blogs to find inspiration,
I even visited this site, especially made for people like me being dumped by their muze.
I could not find her there neither, I searched and searched but I could not find her.
She wants us to separate, I'm quite sure .
She must have been very mad at me, why on earth would she leave me like that?
Could it be because of the pictures I've been posting?
Did she think I didn't need her anymore, you know, WordLESS Wednesdays?
Or was it that fridge post that freaked her out?
PMS? Monday blues?
Playing hard to get all of a sudden?
Turning her head away from me like that?

Cold as stone?