Monday, January 21, 2008

Fun Monday ...

What to blog about this week?
Well, there's that meme Andie tagged me with, I'm working on that one.
All those questions about the old post office in France Christine asked me about?
Okay, since there are so many of you who wnat to know more about it, I'll do a post on it too.
I'll go wordless on Wednesday again, I guess that leaves Friday still to cover!
You know the thing is, if I don't know what to write about a few days in advance I get nervous.
And when I get nervous my Muze leaves me, she can't stand that!
So, I'll try to focus real hard this week, and I hope she stays!
So what do I write about today, instead of talking all that rubbish here?
I decided to join Fun Monday.
It's a group on 365, and it's celebrating it's very first birthday today!
It is hosted by Vicky who hosted the very first Fun Monday last year!
Take a look at Lisa's blog too, she has great pictures today!
It's easy, just post a picture with the view from your frontdoor!
Piece of cake, exept... my frontdoor does not have a view, really...
Okay. So I'll cheat a little. The view from my backdoor is much more interesting.
Let's see....

This is the view from my kitchen.
And if I step outside, I see this ...
Yes, well, I know, it's raining again ....

There is the church, that's pretty obvious.
The shool is that little white and yellow building left of the church.
The flags you can see ont the first picture are from a big store selling office supplies and toys.
There's also a big parking lot, always people coming and going, I kind of like that.
But the most interesting feature from my backdoor is the old mill my neighbours live in.
It's that round towery building that has already appeared on my blog.

This picture was taken last spring.
And the pink sky I snapped a few weeks ago, very early in the morning.
It's one of my favourite pictures.

I've got this thing with mills, I love them.
It's nice to live so close to one now, and look at it's round walls every day.
Having to look at a dull, square appartment block every day just would not be the same.