Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Many little special moments ...

It's a very grey misty morning.
Everything is still very quiet, the streets are almost empty.
The town is still asleep. The rush that comes with this season has calmed down.
It's the first day of 2008.
Last year was a very happy year, we had so much special moments,
so many little things have made my life special.
Being happy is not about big cars or fancy things.
It's the patchwork of many happy little daily blessings that make your life complete.
At least, to me it is.
I'm not rich ... but I'm a very rich person when I count my blessings.
And that's what I hope to find in this new year we're stepping into today.
It is my wish for everybody out there ...
a very happy 2008 and many many special moments to cherish!