Sunday, January 27, 2008

Weekly Winners Blind date at the Cathedral ...

I had a blind date this week ...
I had a date with George.
George is a befriended blogger in Belgium,
who is also a guide in the Cathedral of our Lady in Antwerp.
I had never met George in real life before, so ... I guess you could call it a blind date!

Follow me ...

Backside of the right sidepanel of " The carrying of Christ" by Peter Paul Rubens.
Yes " the" Rubens!

Very old wallpainting by an anonymous artist

One of the many stained glass windows

An amazing baroque pulpit dated 1713

Detail of a marble sculpture of one of the bisshops of Antwerp

That beautiful Madonna, I love the way the baby touches her cheek.

It rained.... again!
That is a pity, because the cathedral looks much prettier on a sunny day, look?

There, that's my entry for this week!
I hope you enjoy them.
Please visit the home blog of Weekly Winners, the one and only Lotus Caroll!
You can meet all the other players there as well!
See you all next week, enjoy your Sunday!