Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'm so excited!

I am a blogger.
I was a blogger in Belgium way before I started blogging here.
I blogged in Dutch there, I still do as a matter of fact!

One day I read a comment in English on a Dutch blog, very unusual, so I followed the link.
It was Kories blog, Lilac specs in my blogroll.
At first I was just lurking, then I became one of her regular readers.
It fascinated me. I started to give some comments.
And then one day, she had a post on Nablopomo.
And I followed that link too. Yes, I know, I'm sooooo nosy!

And then I took the Nablopomo challenge and here I am!! Like it or not!
(Although I think you like it, or you would not be visiting here, right?)
Squishing my grey cells EVERY day, until they produce something worth publishing!
Did I ever think it would be easy? Nooooooooooooooo!
No, I didn't, but I thought it would be fun, and it is!

The atmosphere here is very different to what I'm used to in Belgium.
I don't know if I can ever begin to explain.
I have been exploring this blogosphere now for ... what? Three months?
And it feels like I'm making a cruise around the world.
But not from a tourist's perspective, oh no!
Visiting real people, you know ... people like you and me, in their every day way of living.
I share their sorrows and their pains sometimes, and we make fun together.

Making friends around the world like that is precious to me.
And then to discover that there are actually people out there who like to read my scribblings
is even more amazing to me!
But yesterday I got this award from Sandy...

And the following morning Christine gave me one too!
An award!!!! Two of them!
I have never been awarded before in my life!
Well, needless to say, that did make my day, I don't think you can believe how much this means to me!

Awwww!! I'm so excited!

If you want to know what that sounds like, just click on the radio!
Great huh?
I love it, I'm over the moon!

Now the rules are that I have to pass this on to ten more blogs that make my day.
That's a though one for me, I havn't been around all that long ...
My sign is Libra, can any of you imagine how difficult this is for me?
I'm the girl with the scales here, trying to do the right thing,
and not dissapoint anyone along the way, you know?
My first award is for Korie, after all, if it was not for her, I would never have started blogging in English, so there, she definetely made my day! I like reading her blog too, because she recently moved to Belgium and it's fun to read her view on my home country!
The second is for Alida, she was one of my very first friends on Nablopomo, and we have been keeping in touch ever since.
The third one I give to Astrid. She was also a friend from Nablopomo.
She lost her father in the month of December, that must have been so terrible.
That man was far too young, ... so sad ...
Big hug from me Astrid!
She started blogging again only yesterday, or the day before that, and I'm very glad she's back!
Number four is for the Belgian librarian Chando I also met on Nablopomo! A great blog!
Five, okay ... Kim, in my blogroll as Kim from Tasmania!
I just love the way the frogs rock in her pond overthere, and her "cheers" makes my day ... so,
Cheers Kim!
Six is for Chanpeng. She is an American living in Laos, she has great pictures and wonderful stories from a very different eastern culture.
I think she gets way too little comments for a blog as interesting as this one!
Seven is for another friend from Nablopomo, Andie Summerkiss!
She tagged me, but she still gets one! Keep going Andie!
Eight is for Julie. I find her amazing, she has lived all over the world as far as I can see.
She's currently living in Arizona, she will be moving to Alaska this summer, and she lived near Belgium too once, in Holland! It can't be easy, I admire her courage!
Nine is for Frances. She makes the most amazing pictures around her neighbourhood in ...
New York! She has like three or four blogs, I don't know how she does that, she's a blogjem!
And number ten is for all of you!! Yes, all of you who are my friends, all of you who come to visit me, every day, or just once, it does not matter! I love all of my readers, without all of you there just would not be ... a heaven in Belgium!

I would have given it to Christine, Sandy, and Eve too, but they already have one!
There is Melissa and Smiler, also very good friends of mine, but they are so popular that they will probably get about two dozen of those!
Anyway, like I said ... I love you all!