Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The post office in Goult

Christine (along with some other people) asked me some questions concerning the building of the Photohunt pictures last Saturday. I thought it would be a good idea to make a post out of it.

Where is this building?
It's in Goult, in the south of France.
It's a very very tiny village, not that far from the house we rent for the holidays.
It has a beautiful mill, you know I told you I have this thing with mills, huh?

Why was there an old French post office in Belgium? Is this building in Belgium?
So, no ... it's not in Belgium!
Why is this important then not important?
It used to be a post office, and it had lots and lots of people passing through that door!
That worn stone on the treshold still is the silent witness to that!
Nowadays it's just a house, a beautiful house ...
Why is that person letting their curtains hang out the window?
I don't know, but it has that typical French nonchalance. I like that, to me it looks like that building is posing for a photoshoot done by an expensive glossy magazine and dito photographer!
Do people in Europe not use screens on their windows?
They do, but they are all open here, perhaps they wanted to air the room a little,
maybe they had a nasty smell of some kind? I don't know?
Do you not have flying insects that want to invade your homes and bite the occupants?
We do!
Final question: are you annoyed by all these questions?

Of course not, it gives me something to blog about, besides you were not the only one, look!

I wonder just how much traffic wore down that stone at the threshold. What a beautiful set of pictures. They make me wonder what the place was like before it was all alone.

She came to check if everything was to our satisfaction!
She lives at the restaurant.
Something tells me now you all are going to want to know
... what we have eaten there that night, right?