Friday, January 11, 2008

Fridge Friday!!!!!!!!! Tell me I'm dreaming, this is not happening!!!!

OK, I think we are ready for those men in white coats now!
I warned her this would happen, I did!
But at that time I would never have thought I would be in on it too!
I keep getting comments like OMG!!! This is so European!
Now let me tell you, this is soooooooooooo American, Australian ... I don't know I don't want to discriminate anyone but this is sooooo NOT European!
The contents of someone's refrigerator is almost as holy as the master bedroom!
Family members only!
Unless you grow mushrooms inside of them and you are featured in some kind of reality television " how clean is your house" Kim and Aggie program, you do not open your refrigerator in front of total strangers!
We have elephants with all the bare necessities, oh yes, we do!
Sooooooo European Korie commented!
Now how do you all expect me to show off my refrigerator to the whole Blogosphere world?
Come on, be real!!!
This is worse than stripping! Whhahaha, what am I saying, I never did that!!
Well, not in front of strangers anyway, but never mind!
What the hell am I doing?
They call me crazy as it is?

Okay, here it is! (Click on the radio button!)


Maybe maybe come back? Maybe next week?
Can't get no satisfaction!!!!!!!!!