Friday, December 28, 2007

Now that we've found love, what are we going to do, with it?

Okay, now we can all start whining :
" OMG, what have I done",
"I wasn't thinking straight", or even
"I did not want to join I just wanted to check it out!"
.... patatee, patatàààà !!

The truth of the matter is, we were all so tempted right from the very minute that e-mail hit our mailbox!
We have given it at least ...
* some
* a little
*a lot
* or some serious THOUGHT,
* maybe lost some sleep over it ( I did!)
before we hit that sign up button!
But the bottom line is, we joined 365, huh?
Okay, okay, I did... I'll speak for myself!

Now what?
Well I know I'm not alone, for starters.

We will pray to God that our computers do not break down.
Maybe in due time we will pray for a temporary lapse of ... internet!
We will swear yeah, we might even curse, if anything does go wrong.
Maybe we will even worship other Gods, begging for inspiration.
By the end of March, we may even post pictures of the content of our refrigerator
( I've seen them do it), or huge piles of laundry!
Right Sandy?

We will march like Roman gladiators.
We will tag each other to death with meme's and hoopla's or whatever we can think of!
We will whine if we loose our inspiration.
But that's okay, whining is content too!
We will do Wordless Wednesdays and maybe even create **Breathless Fridays, why not?
We will persue our toddlers, grandchildren and even our cats or dogs with our digital camera!
But I guess we already do that huh?
By the end of the year, our fingers will be strangely deformed.
By then our eyesight will have become very poor too!
As long as the men in white coats don't fetch us, we'll be just fine, right?

Of course we might have to blog in hotel lobby's!
Yeah well, that's not new, I already did that anyway!

We might hate ourselves for signing up for this, but at the same time ...
... we will enjoy it !

** Don't steal my title, I might want to do something with it,
I like the sound of that one! I hope it does not exist yet?