Friday, December 14, 2007

Throw me a hand!

There is a legend on how Antwerp got it's name, and it goes like this ...
Once upon a time, there was this terrible giant, called Antigoon.
The ships coming to Antwerp had to pay very high taxes,
and if they didn't he would chop off one of their hands.
But one very brave Roman soldier killed the giant.
He cut off the hand of the giant and threw it in the river, the Schelde.
The soldier's name was Brabo and he's the figure on the statue in front of the town hall.

So the first part "ant" means hand, and "werpen" is to throw,
That's why Antwerp means "throw a hand".

There's another saying I have read somewhere:

"If it's two o’clock in the afternoon on a Wednesday and you’ve got an amber colored Bolleke
in your hand while you watch a mythical giant get his hand chopped off... you might be in Antwerp."

That is true, look ...

Well, in fact it was on a Saturday, and it as about ten to twelve , but never you mind!
Drinking a Bolleke is an exellent idea if you come to Antwerp.
As far as the hand chopping is concerned, I am very happy to let you know ...
... that we don't do that anymore!