Thursday, December 6, 2007

Those very ordinary little precious things ...

I took a walk in my own village the other week , and I took my camera with me.
Come with me, I'll take you, I'll show you where I live.
It's not exotic, in fact, it's even rather dull and grey at the moment.

But I saw the seagulls at the canal, and I heard their screams.

I could smell the water, felt the cold wind in my hair, and in my face.
While taking pictures, I discovered things I had never seen before.
Walking past it every day, I had never seen it's beauty.

Look at this, it's just an ordinary street, ... exept for the birds nest in that tree.

Or this one, this funny captain made me smile!

And then I looked up, .... look!

I discovered blogging almost a year ago, and taking pictures became an important part of it.

Those pictures have become little moments in everyday life that I cherish.
The dangling leaf for instance,

or the heart my husband shaped on the floor with the string of lights for the Christmas tree.
Both the leaf and the heart are gone now, but I have the pictures.
Sharing them on my blog makes me realize how happy I really am.

My camera is always somewhere close at hand ...
But I do wish it would stop raining though ...