Thursday, December 6, 2007

Oh my God!!! This cannot be true!

I'm really really devastated!
I could strangle myself for being such a fool!
I did something sooooooooooo stupid, and now I have to pay for it!
By trying to make things better for my readers, I installed HaloScan .
Alas! I have lost all my previous comments, and I can't undo it!
Oooohhhh, I'm such a computer illiterate, that will teach me a lesson!
I should never have tried doing that, for crying out loud!!!!!
It makes me so sad, I really, really loved those comments,
and I was so proud I seemed to get quite a lot of them!
I feel like banging my head against the wall now!
Those comments really encouraged me.
Sometimes when I felt a little insecure, I read them again,
and it restored my confidence. They are all gone now ...
All those kind words from my new friends, vanished into thin air!
Please leave me some other ones, I was not the one deleting them!
I do hope so you'll keep visiting here?

It's way past midnght now, and I have been copy-pasting all night to put my comments back on my blog.
I hope the new comment form will at least be more accesible to users outside Blogger/blogspot accounts, that's why I wanted to install it in the first place.
I think I'll go to bed now!