Sunday, December 2, 2007

Weekly winners

This is a very special photo shoot I made with my cat this morning.

Drinking coffee together ( well, I'm the one who drinks the coffee of course!)
in the morning is part of our morning ritual.
I have to go by her rules, she's very meticulous about certain things.

I have to wear that old ragged yellow bathrobe for instance!
If I wear anything else she refuses to join me.
As soon as she hears that the coffee is ready she comes up to the kitchen and jumps on my lap.
This is a sacred moment for both of us.
That cuddling, hugging, purring cat actually talks to me,
and lets me know how much se loves me.
Even my husband has never witnessed this,
as soon as she hears anything, she runs off, and the magic is gone.

So this morning I took my camera and tried to capture
this sweet intimite magical moment...

I 'll make this my Weekly Winners entry for this week.
I've made lots of other pictures, maybe even better ones than these,
but I don't want to break the spell by adding anything else ...