Thursday, January 3, 2008

A year in revue ... I love this one!

I have found this over at Cathi's blog
It's a New Year's meme.
Go through your archive and list your favorite/most popular post for each month in 2007.
That’s it!
Wauw! That's it!
A meme that does not involve half a mile of writing and witty text! Yay!
And a great way for all of your new readers to get to know you a little, I am all for it!

You know I started blogging in English when I joined Nablopomo in November,
my native language is Flemish, better known in the rest of the world as Dutch.
So, I'm pretty envious of people like all of you, who can come up with an unlimited vocabulary to write all of those witty, funny, bright, humourous, pleasant, penetrating sparkling, mind boggling topics !
( I used my dictionary on that on that one)
Yeah right!

Anyway, when I got in the right state of mind , and with a little bit of practise I have managed to produce a post or two that are worth reading, at least I think so?
Oh well, you'll be the judge of that one!
Now, let me see?
Yes, this one was written October 15th, my very first blog entry on my Nablopomo page.
This blog did not even exist back then. I rather liked that one.
A couple of days later I would be celebrating my fiftieth birthday, and I did Midlife rocks!
And then came November, Nablopomo month, how about this one?
A hilarious day of a blogger on Nablopomo, reading this reminds me how my next year is going to be like! Oh dear!
All this blogging on Nablo led to this ...
The birth of this blog, for real this time!
I got tagged with a Hoopla! OK, I didn't mind doing that one, it was fun!
Little did I know that few days later I would be receiving an e-mail ...
I did not want to give in to temptation, but I did anyway ...

So here I am now, tagging myself with memes I think are going to be very easy to do.
Yep! It's just that I have written this one three times now, I lost the whole damned thing twice!
It must be floating around somewhere in the blogosphere now, I don't know what the hell I did wrong! It must be the Good Lord punishing me again! Sorry God, I know I (must) have sinned!
Please forgive this poor illiterate blogger! Sob! Sob!

Now, where was I?
Oh yes, the tagging business, yeah, that 's the fun part!
I'm not too shy to tag someone today, I know everybody doing 365 needs a good meme!

Whahahaha, my first victim really deserves this, she's had it coming from day one!
She's the one who dragged me into this, and I'm really looking forward to reading what she considers to be her very best work! All right Sandy, consider yourself tagged, hehehehe!
Next up is a new friend whom I only just met, but I would love to read her best work too, so
here we go ... She writes in faith and she does it well, and her name happens to be Sandy too ...
that's why I tag her as well!

That's it from me today!
Jezus, I thought this was going to be ten sentences long, look at this!
I must have been very inspired today! Yay!