Saturday, July 19, 2008

Photohunt / Project Black " What is this?"

I had a bit of an off day yesterday.
Nothing that I tried seemed to work.
I tried to take some pictures of details of my old sewing machine,
but nothing came out right.
I'm having some difficulty understanding this theme though.
Should we publish a picture of something "unidentified"?
Are we supposed to let everyone guess?
Or should we show and tell?
It was hard for me to find a picture that does not clearly show what is on it.
Even harder to find one fitting in the Project Black theme as well ...
I guess I'll have more fun visiting yours !

Maybe I'm not supposed to, but I will show and tell.
These are sets of balls for the French "pétanque", or "jeu de boules".
I saw them at the market of Saint Rémy.
I like the reflection of the yellow sunscreen in them.

There it is, my Project Black / Photo Hunt picture for today.

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