Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekly Winners, Let's go Back in Time ...

It was a beautiful sunny day, last Sunday.
We had blue skies and some pretty clouds.
Ideal for a photo walk.

Let's go back in time, let's say about a hundred years .

Now, in case you're wondering,
you're not in a Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale.
This is a museum.
Everything is authentic and real, even the tiniest little detail.

The old houses are all original houses,
taken down at their previous location somewhere in Flanders
and rebuilt again at the museum site.

The housekeepers are dressed in the right style and fashion of that time.

Of course you can go in and visit the houses inside.
Each house is a mini museum on its own...

The previous two pictures are my Project Black pictures for today ...

Every detail is just right ...

Even the sounds, can you hear that horse and wagon on the cobblestones?
Or the herd of sheep?

The farm animals are old breeds ...
They are blessed to live there, look ...

A happy pig taking a mud bath?
When did you last see one?
(I could not only see and hear this one, ;-)) ...)

It was a paradise for a girl with a camera ...

Please click on this one, it will show full size.
It's worth it, believe me!

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This link will take you to the website of the Bokrijk Museum.
You never know, if you want to visit Belgium, it's definitely a must see!

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