Thursday, July 3, 2008

Let's Talk about the Weather

Yeah, let's talk about the weather!
To some of you out there, the weather may seem like no big deal.
But if you're used to living in Belgium,
you're used to worrying about whether or not
you should take your umbrella every time you want to go out.
You're used to wonder how long it will last,
when the sun does at last shine every once in a while.
That's why we go on holiday.

This is all the rain we got in two weeks.
When we woke up there was this cute little puddle on the patio.
Believe me if you live in Belgium, you never ever think of puddles as cute!

If you click on this picture it will enlarge
and you'll be able to see the droplets on the garden fence.
The sky was a little paler than usual.
Only for one day...
The remaining two weeks were bright and sunny.
Blue skies all day long ...

Oh well okay ...
I'll admit,
maybe just one tiny little baby cloud to make it even more pretty!

The only water we saw for the next two weeks
was coming from the spraying system in the garden ...

... or from taking a splash in the pool!

Meanwhile, we're back in Belgium.
It rains.
Again ...