Sunday, July 6, 2008

Weekly Winners A Pretty Village called Venasque

Sunday again, time to share my Weekly Winners again.
As some of you already know, we just got back from France.
We spent two weeks in our favourite region, la Provence.
I took so many pictures I don't know where to begin!
I'll just pick one village we visited, we saw many and they are all gorgeous!

Let's visit Venasque.
Just as the sign says it is indeed
one of the prettiest villages in France.

When you drive up to the village, you can't miss this huge rock.

I love arches, they make me curious.
They make me want to go in and discover what's behind them.

So let's go... follow me

Don't forget to look up ...

I never can get enough of those faded windows and doors.
... and their details ...

I know there must be a fountain here.
There are fountains in every village,
and I promised pictures of fountains, didn't I Kim?

Now turn around ...

It's a pity we have to leave so soon ....

I would have loved to stay a little while longer...

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