Monday, July 21, 2008

Project Black Happy Birthday Belgium!

Today we celebrate Belgium's birthday.
Now I'm not a great nationalist myself, but still I am proud to be a Belgian.
We're a small but very beautiful country.
And through this blog,
I feel as though I'm representing my country a little.
After all, it's name is in my blog title?

However, the political climate today in Belgium is some what... um ... unstable?
That's why I'm including this picture today ...
The red yellow and black are our national colours by the way ...
Oh, ... a sky like that is a typically Belgian sky ... on a good day that is!

This is my Project Black picture for today.

If you're curious what we in Belgium are all about, check this site.
It's a hilarious A-Z of Belgium, as seen through the eyes
of a foreigner who has lived here.
He has some amazing views on Belgian matters or places.
You should read about Bokrijk for instance,
the museum I featured yesterday in my Weekly Winners.
It's funny, but it's true!

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