Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Melli's Alphabet Hunt, M and N

Wednesday already.
For this week's alphabet hunt, Melli wanted us to look for M and N.
So here we go again ...

I think this character on a Chinese calendar holds just about the whole alphabet if you search long enough, that's why I took the picture in the first place!

And if you flip the picture, ...
there's your m, see?

You should always remember to look up.
I saw this beautiful house in Leuven,

and this is a detail of a balcony in Antwerp.

As for N ...
I saw this one when I returned from the supermarket where I found my A.

But I did not think it was pretty or interesting enough, so I kept looking.
There's one on this teapot.
There is ... look!

And now I'm off to Melli's to see what the others have posted!
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